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The hydraulic specialists

Axiom Hydraulics is one of South Africa’s leading hydraulic authorities, providing innovative, customised and cost-effective solutions for all hydraulic requirements.


It’s our way of business. It’s Axiom Hydraulics

World-leading hydraulic brands

We’re a leading hydraulic equipment supplier and have sourced leading hydraulic brands for our clients. All hydraulic modifications and customised designs are conducted to OEM specifications.


Superior hydraulic products for southern Africa’s fluid power industry

Hydraulics tailored for your application

From customising hydraulic equipment to designing new hydraulic systems, our team of engineers is committed to finding a solution to any hydraulic requirement.


Put us to the test! We’ll find a solution to your hydraulic application.

Serving southern Africa’s fluid power industry

Based in Johannesburg, Axiom Hydraulics is your solutions-based partner for any hydraulic application in southern Africa.


Customising solutions for Africa’s industrial, mining, agriculture and marine operations.

Axiom Hydraulics

Established in 1959, Axiom Hydraulics is one of South Africa’s oldest hydraulic companies, specialising in the design, supply, repair, reconditioning and servicing of a comprehensive range of hydraulic equipment.

Our large stockholding of the world’s leading hydraulic brands reduces lead and delivery times for southern Africa’s fluid power industry. With state-of-the-art production, design and testing capabilities at our 5 500 m2 Johannesburg-based facility, we deliver intelligent solutions to our customers,
every day.

Screw-in Cartridge Valves

We’re the exclusive supplier of the Sun Hydraulics range of screw-in cartridge valves, valve bodies and accessories. Ideal for any hydraulic application with flow capabilities from 1 to 1 100 l / min and pressures up to 420 bar.

Axial Piston Pumps & Motors

Brevini axial piston pumps and motors include fixed and variable displacement designs for open and closed loop circuits. Continuous working pressures of 420 bar, the ideal solution for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Low Speed, High Torque Motors

Black Bruin low speed, high torque motors and rotators with working pressures of 300 bar (peak 350 bar) and capacities of up to 18 900 cc – providing extreme torque capabilities for heavy-duty applications.

Air Blast Coolers


Axiom Hydraulics is the
largest stockholder of ASA Hydraulik AC and DC air blast coolers in southern Africa. This range of low-noise and compact coolers is ideal for mobile and industrial hydraulic systems and applications.

Mechanical Brakes

Ausco mechanical brakes are trusted across mining, construction, agricultural and utility vehicle markets for safe and reliable on and off-highway braking. The range includes service, park and emergency brakes.

Planetary Gearbox

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of Fairfield Planetary Gearboxes in southern Africa. They deliver the torque output required
for all industrial machinery
and off-highway mobile equipment.


Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of the HCT range of digital and electric controller products in southern Africa. These robust, reliable controllers provide precise and accurate control for hydraulic applications.


We supply the Guardex™ range of high-quality couplings to suit most ISO and SAE shaft types. The range includes fly wheel, splined hub couplings and splined adaptors for southern Africa’s fluid power applications.

From idea to reality, we provide customised solutions for innovative hydraulic engineering! Axiom Hydraulics develops hydraulic systems for any hydraulic requirement.

Why choose Axiom Hydraulics?

  • Hydraulic systems tailored to individual applications
  • Our large stockholding guarantees stock availability and shorter turnaround times
  • We provide in-house and onsite training for all hydraulic products and systems
  • All hydraulic components are refurbished to OEM standards
  • Our sales and service branch in Johannesburg helps southern Africa’s hydraulic businesses achieve new levels of performance, efficiency and reliability.

Put us to the test!

Our team of certified engineers uphold our longstanding approach to business: finding a solution to any hydraulic application.

From customising hydraulic equipment to designing new hydraulic systems, we remain your solutions-based partner to southern Africa’s fluid power industry.

Our hydraulic equipment services include:

  • Repair and services
  • Workshop capabilities
  • Integrated manifold and systems design centre

Hydraulic equipment to your application

Axiom Hydraulics has nearly 60 years’ experience in designing, supplying, repairing and servicing hydraulic equipment to suit the hydraulic requirements of southern Africa’s mining, marine and agriculture industries.

We utilise state-of-the-art testing and calibration machinery to ensure long-lasting, OEM-specified performance for all product modifications.

Axiom Hydraulics also holds critical hydraulic spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Contact us today for customised
hydraulic equipment for your operation!

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