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Hydraulic Repair & Services

Axiom Hydraulics specialises in not only the supply of leading hydraulic equipment but also in the repair, reconditioning and servicing of our hydraulic solutions.

With a combination of highly trained fitters and nearly 60 years’ experience and specialised machinery, we conduct OEM-specified hydraulic equipment servicing and reconditioning.

Our entire range of hydraulic equipment is also supported by a full range of aftermarket spares.

Tested to OEM specification!

Our team of head-fitters, having being well-trained overseas at our suppliers’ offices, ensure OEM-specified performance when servicing and repairing their products.

Our 5 500 m2 floor space is ergonomically designed to minimise the contamination of exposed units and no hydraulic component leaves our premises without comprehensive performance and safety tests!

All completed units are placed under stringent load simulations on our state-of-the-art test benches to ensure the hydraulic component is running smoothly and most importantly efficiently. We also offer pre-setting adjustments for our clients.

World-leading repairs on all Axiom Hydraulics products:


  • Pumps and motors
  • Resealing cartridge valves
  • Brake reconditioning
  • Gearboxes

State-of-the-art machinery:

Axiom Hydraulics’ new world-class premises in Johannesburg feature state-of-the-art machinery to ensure world-leading hydraulic repair and servicing. With our overhead crane, we can facilitate up to 10-ton rigging. Our machinery includes:


  • CNC milling – 3 axis
  • Surface grinding
  • Conventional lathes and milling
  • Hobbing and splining

Put us to the test!

At Axiom Hydraulics, our approach to business has always been to find a solution to any hydraulic application. This also applies to our service and repair offering. Our team of qualified fitters are on-hand to tackle your hydraulic component repair and service requirements.

Tailored to your application:

Axiom Hydraulics has nearly 60 years’ experience in designing, supplying, manufacturing, repairing and servicing equipment to suit the hydraulic needs of southern Africa’s mining, marine and agriculture industries.

We utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing and calibration machinery to ensure long-lasting, OEM-specified performance for all product modifications.

Speak to Axiom Hydraulics about standard valve bodies for your application!

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