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Sun Hydraulics screw-in logic element cartridge valves boast superior efficiency when compared to the slip-in cartridge style used by most competitors. Smooth and accurate modulation gives your design elegance yet precise functionality. High flow capacities can reach up to 1 100 ℓ / min.

We supply two types of logic elements:

Modulating valves: acting as main stages for relief or pressure reducing functions. When used in conjunction with fixed or variable flow control or a proportional directional valve, they can act as restrictive or bypass type pressure compensators.

Switching valves: provide directional control functions. By using these switching valves, Sun Hydraulics offers reduced system size, fast response, very low leakage, contamination tolerance and flexible control.

Logic elements have three typical functions: open modulating, closed modulating and pilot-to-close switching elements. Sun Hydraulics also offers pilot-to-open switching elements for specialised applications.

These poppet-type or seated valves will close and seal positively to both directions of flow in the absence of any pilot signal, allowing true blocked port logic valve circuitry. This range of switching elements is available in unbalanced and balanced designs, to enhance circuit design flexibility.

Axiom Hydraulics is the exclusive supplier of Sun Hydraulics’ full range of logic elements valves to all applications in southern Africa.

Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves are CE / TÜV certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)

Tailored to your application:

Axiom Hydraulics has nearly 30 years’ experience in designing systems using Sun Hdraulics’logic element cartridge valve range to suit the hydraulic needs of southern Africa’s mining, marine and agriculture industries.

We utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing and calibration machinery to ensure long-lasting, OEM-specified performance for all product modifications.

Axiom Hydraulics also holds critical hydraulic spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of Sun Hydraulics in Southern Africa

Logic element valve examples:

Balanced poppet, normally closed, direct operated, pilot-to-open

Balanced poppet, normally closed, vent-to-operate

Balanced poppet, normally closed, vent-to-operate, with integral T8 cavity

Balanced poppet, normally closed, pressure adjustable

Balanced poppet, normally open, pilot-to-close

Balanced poppet, normally open, vent-to-operate with integral T8 cavity

Balanced poppet, normally open, pressure adjustable

Unbalanced poppet, pilot-to-close & vent-to-open

Unbalanced poppet, vent-to-open with integral T8 cavity

Unbalanced poppet, vent-to-open with integral T8 cavity

Unbalanced poppet, pilot-to-close, spring biased open with position indicator switch

Unbalanced poppet, pilot-to-open, spring biased closed with position indicator switch

  Normally closed modulating element

Normally open modulating element

Integral T8 cavity logic element

Modulating element with shuttle

Normally open, bi-directional modulating element

Bypass / restrictive priority modulating element

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