Load Reactive and Load Control Valves

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Continuously varying loads force designers to choose the safest but usually most inefficient option when it comes to load holding, but with Sun Hydraulics’ revolutionary load reactive valves – Load Match – systems can run at optimum efficiency, while protecting your machinery and personnel.

The Sun Hydraulics range of load reactive and load control counterbalance valves is ideal for applications requiring variable pilot ratios and pressures while maintaining load motion stability. The mechanical design enables low pilot ratios that are required for stability and high pilot ratios when the actuator is stable.

Axiom Hydraulics is the exclusive supplier of Sun Hydraulics’ full range of load reactive / load holding counterbalance valves in southern Africa.

Load reactive and load control counterbalance valve specifications:

  • Load pressures from 35 to 280 bar
  • Ideal for pilot pressures less than 140 bar
  • Highly energy-efficient valve desig
  • Minimal leakages
  • Range of Sun Hydraulics accessories available

Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves are CE / TÜV certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED).

Tailored to your application:

Axiom Hydraulics has nearly 30 years’ experience in designing systems using Sun Hydraulics’ flow divider / combiner valve range to suit the hydraulic needs of southern Africa’s mining, marine and agriculture industries.

We utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing and calibration machinery to ensure long-lasting, OEM-specified performance for all product modifications.

Axiom Hydraulics also holds critical hydraulic spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of Sun Hydraulics in Southern Africa

Load reactive and load control valve examples:

Non-vented load reactive / load holding valve

Atmospherically referenced load reactive / load holding valve

Vented load reactive / load control valve

Balanced vented / non relieving valve

Speak to Axiom Hydraulics about load reactive and load control valves for your application!

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