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Compact Track Driving Planetary Gearbox

Fairfield Planetary Gearboxes | Compact Track Driving Planetary Gearbox

To complement its ranges of Fairfield shaft output and wheel output planetary gearboxes, Axiom Hydraulics supplies the Fairfield range of compact track driving planetary gearboxes. This range comprises a full line of special drives and complementary products to enhance performance in demanding applications.

Our range of compact track driving planetary gearboxes include 2-speed drives, right-angled drives, compact drives and input adapters.


Compact track driving planetary gearbox specifications:

Right Angle Drives

  • Overall length: 231– 272 mm
  • Max. continuous torque: 200 – 418 Nm
  • Max. input speed: 3 700 – 3 000 rpm

2-speed Drives

  • Overall length: 205 – 2731 mm
  • Max. continuous torque: 280 – 450 Nm
  • Max. input speed: 3 500 – 3 750 rpm

Input adapters

  • Overall length: 130 – 347 mm
  • Max. continuous torque: 644 – 1 695 Nm
  • Max. input speed: 3 000 – 5 000 rpm


A full range of aftermarket spares are available for customers wanting to carry out their own repairs. In addition, we have a comprehensive onsite strip and repair facility where we repair planetary gearboxes to OEM standards.

Tailored to your application:

Application flexibility and the broad range of gear ratios and torque outputs is the reason Fairfield is one of the preferred final drive manufacturers. Important to note, is that Axiom Hydraulics protects its clients’ circuit design intellectual property.

With 60% of our business devoted to integrated manifold manufacturing, we utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing, testing and calibration machinery to ensure long-lasting, OEM-specified performance for all product modifications.

Axiom Hydraulics holds critical spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of Fairfield Planetary Gearboxes in Southern Africa

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