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We supply Ausco’s range of hydraulic and mechanical callipers, catering to a wide variety of equipment, from small electric vehicles up to 36-ton scrapers. Hydraulic callipers are available with a fixed dual-opposed piston design or a floating-mount calliper, while the mechanical callipers include vertical and horizontal lever, hub and cast lever types to suit your desired functionality

These products are characterised by high-holding power, high torque performance with low handle efforts and high reliability, all in a range of competitively priced, compact solutions.

Need spares? We also supply full service kits for Ausco service brakes.

Best in class engineering standards

US manufacturer Ausco Products is the market leader in OEM brakes for the construction, agricultural, mining, turf care and ATV/utility vehicle markets. Ausco builds the widest variety of service and parking brakes in the industry including spring-applied multi-disc, hydraulic callipers, mechanical callipers and ball ramp brakes.

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