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Mechanically applied, hydraulic pressure to release. Ausco is a popular, choice brand in South Africa’s mining industry, offering both wet and dry options to fit nearly any application.

These brakes have been designed to accommodate all industrial mobile equipment as well as utility and commercial vehicles. You’ll find them used in everything from underground shuttle vehicles to trailed implements, winches, hoists and most mobile vehicles.

Choose a standard SAE mount or have us custom-design one for you! These brakes, combined with Axiom Hydraulic’s experience and expertise in integrated hydraulic manifolds and systems, means we can design a tailored, comprehensive and safe ‘park brake’ for any application.

Why OEMs choose Ausco

Ausco has an excellent variety of brake products, so you can pick the right brake to suit your specific application. You can choose from an extensive line of standard brake products, or get a custom-designed brake tailored to your needs. From its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US, Ausco is synonymous with innovation, complete development capabilities and exceptional quality. Contact Axiom Hydraulics for more info!

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