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Like Ausco’s park brake range, this is a very common and popular brake predominantly used within the South African mining industry, with both wet and dry options to fit nearly any equipment requirement. Applications include everything from underground shuttle vehicles, trailed implements, winches, hoists, and most mobile vehicles.

These brakes are applied mechanically, and released with hydraulic pressure. With increasingly stringent mining health and safety act legislation here in South Africa, this brake has been designed to accommodate all industrial mobile equipment as well as utility and commercial vehicles. You can choose a standard SAE mount, or have us custom-design one for you.

Axiom Hydraulics’ experience and expertise in integrated hydraulic manifolds and systems means we can design a comprehensive and safe ‘emergency stop’ application for any static application.



Ausco: State-of-the-art-manufacturing

US manufactured with unmatched technical expertise, Ausco is renowned for high-quality, reliable and long-lasting braking products. Its manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting edge production machinery, meaning products are manufactured at an exceptionally high level of consistency and speed: a more efficient operation which results in extremely cost-competitive products.

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