Rotating Case Motors

Black Bruin Low Speed, High Torque Motors | Rotating Case Motors

Black Bruin rotating case motors feature a revolutionary design that allows for much higher loading capacities, making them perfect for efficient, reliable wheel transmission functionality. These motors are rated for continuous working pressure of 300 bar, with peak pressure at 350 bar. Multi-speed functions (1 and 2 speed) and multi disc brakes are available, and drum and calliper disk brakes are available for selected motor frames.

BB Series motors

Black Bruin BB Series motors provide excellent functionality through a compact size for ‘on demand’ drive applications, with capacities from 400 to 6 300 cc3/rev. The BB Series has a popular mechanical freewheeling option that allows designers to efficiently run their applications with minimal resistance, with smooth start, high torque and excellent low speed characteristics when required.

BBC Series motors

The Black Bruin BBC range is the preferred motor solution for hydrostatic transmission designs in the South African mining industry, with capacities from 705 to 3 198 ccm3/rev.

These motors combine an exceptional engineering standard with a range of safety innovations that exceed global health and safety regulations. These include the BBC Series’ range of integrated fail safe braking options, including park brake and dynamic brake options (which can be used together). Axiom Hydraulics have taken this a step further, collaborating with Black Bruin to create brake wear indicators that are ergonomically positioned to ensure constant operator and service mechanic awareness.

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