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Axiom Hydraulics supplies plug top drivers from HCT. These drivers’ voltage or current command inputs with the diagnostic LED for local diagnostics and all parameters, settings and configurations are made with a PC program or hand-held unit.

The operational temperature range is from extremely low to very high and it has a 9 – 28VDC wide input supply range with 3 m high-visibility colour coded cables.

The current range of the single PWM output is available in various options for accurate control.


Plug top drivers’ specifications:

  • Single PWM output
  • 9 – 28VDC wide input supply range
  • Operational temperature -20 to 70° C
  • PC program or hand-held unit for configuration

Tailored to your application:

HCT plug top drivers are used by Axiom Hydraulics as HTC is recognised as one of the foremost independent designers and producers of modular, extremely robust highly reliable electronic controller products.

More than 62 000 HCT controllers are being used successfully in global electro-hydraulic applications. They are used across a host of applications and industries, mining, off-road and heavy equipment, agriculture and construction, among many others.

All products are potted in flame resistant resin to provide an airtight seal that protects internal circuits and components from the external environment, and the company also protects its clients’ circuit design intellectual property.

Axiom Hydraulics also holds critical spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Speak to Axiom Hydraulics about a plug top driver for your application

Speak to Axiom Hydraulics about a plug top driver for your application

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