HCT Electronics

HCT (High Country Tek) electronics, distributed across southern Africa by Axiom Hydraulics, forms part of Axiom Hydraulics’ high quality electronic control equipment range for hydraulic equipment. HCT electronics provide precise and accurate electronic controllability for hydraulics.

HCT’s process of potting all products in flame-resistant resin provides a hermetic seal that protects internal circuits and components from any
external environment.

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Industrial Controllers

Operating on industrial or mobile command signals, these controllers are compatible with all major OEM valves and pumps, and providing precise & accurate electronic controllability.

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Plug Top Drivers

Operational temperatures for HCT plug top drivers are from very low to very high, configurations are made with a PC program or hand-held unit and the single PWM output comes in various options.

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Hydraulic Generator Controllers

These controllers come in 3 ranges, are compatible with any kW-rated genset, have a full PID closed loop speed controller and can be used for direct valve control or with variable pump compensators.

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Hydraulic Fan Drive Controllers

An option of single or reversible air flow, hydraulic fan drive controllers from HCT are scalable and designed for use with OEMs, upgrades and re-powers. They are EPA-compliant and scalable.

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Valve Controllers

HCT valve controllers have multiple operating modes, an open and closed loop, optimised control with a dual PWM output, multiple operating modes from voltage, current and switch command.

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Analogue Controllers

Modular and durable, analogue controllers from HCT come with single or dual PWM outputs, have various connector options, ramps and dither signals that operate in extended temperature ranges.

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Programmable Control Modules

HCT programmable control modules, designed for use in extended operational temperatures, have twin CAN/SAE J1939 ports for maximum flexibility and use HCT Intella™ software to suit customer needs.

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e-Fan Controllers

Part of the ‘Smart’ PAL e-fan controller series, these HCT controllers have fewer parts than comparative products, guaranteed to have ‘no leaks’ and provide a choice of single or reversible air-flow.

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Mobile Digital Controllers

Mobile digital controllers from HCT are compatible with all OEM valves and pumps. They operate on industrial or mobile command signals, are powered by PC USP for set-up and software familiarity.

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LCD Visual Display Interfaces

This range has standard video inputs, a display interface with rich, full-colour graphics for easy viewing and the display interfaces come with PowerView Configuration Studio™.

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Axiom Hydraulics distributes HCT Electronics for its electronic control solutions for the fluid power industry. This brand is “built to survive”, making the range ideal for use in your fluid power applications.

HCT Electronics are designed for use in mobile, industrial and marine applications, among many others, and its flame-resistant potting compound provides electrical integrity through total product encapsulation.

Axiom Hydraulics also holds critical spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Why choose Axiom Hydraulics?

  • Hydraulic solutions tailored to individual applications
  • Large stockholding guarantees stock availability
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Training on hydraulic products and systems
  • Components refurbishing to OEM standards.
  • Our sales and service branch in Johannesburg helps southern
  • Africa’s hydraulic businesses achieve new levels of performance, efficiency and reliability.