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Splined hubs couplings from Axiom Hydraulics consist of the Guardex M series double cardanic curved-tooth gear coupling, which has a 3-piece design. The design consists of a nylon sleeve and two steel hubs, which compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment. They are compact and lightweight with high torque and low inertia.

The splined hubs coupling design results in a maintenance-free coupling that does not require any additional lubrication. Couplings in this range are perfectly interchangeable with many European designs, and fits electric motor-driven applications up to 220 kW.

Our splined hubs couplings are suitable for assembly in horizontal and vertical positions. Blind assembly is easy with its slip-together components, which also allow for easy inspection and adjustment without disassembly.

Splined Hubs Coupling specifications:

  • Bore range (min.): 6 – 86 mm
  • Bore range (max.): 8 – 95 mm
  • Number of gear teeth:20 – 50
  • Ideal for electric motor-driven applications up to 220 kW

Tailored to your application:

The high torsional stiffness of the moulded nylon sleeve makes it free from internal frictional losses or heat build, while the combination of nylon and steel components are ideal for high ambient temperature operation without lubrication or maintenance. The splined hubs coupling is manufactured to operate continuously in ambient temperatures of between -25° C and 82° C while the nylon sleeves are dirt- and moisture-resistant as well as providing resistance to most chemicals and petroleum products.

Axiom Hydraulics holds critical spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of Guardian’s Guardex™ Couplings in Southern Africa

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