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Guardex is the chosen coupling brand for Axiom Hydraulics’ range of FL flywheel couplings. This 2-piece flywheel coupling is designed for use on off-highway construction equipment and other mobile hydraulic applications.

The FL series flywheel coupling range is Axiom Hydraulics’ longest standing and most economical product line. With decades of proven success in the field, the design consists of a glass reinforced nylon flywheel flange that fits both SAE and metric flywheels.

The mating hub is produced from sintered steel and is ideal for use on both splined and straight shafts. It has a torsionally stiff design, which is interchangeable with other popular coupling brands and noes not require any lubrication.

Flywheel Coupling specifications:

  • Bore range (min.): 16 – 22 mm
  • Bore range (max.): 42 – 80 mm
  • Steel hub length: 38.1 – 48.7 mm
  • Steel hub diameter: 65 – 124 mm
  • Number of gear teeth: 42 – 50

Tailored to your application:

With Axiom Hydraulics’ range of FL flywheel couplings from Guardex, skid steer loaders, aerial lifts, excavators and other off-highway construction equipment, as well as many mobile hydraulic applications, benefit from the advantages provided by the FL flywheel coupling range.

These advantages are:

  • Minimum space: Space required the equipment frame is reduced thanks to the entire coupling length being mounted inside the flywheel housing face so only a flat pump mounting plate is required.
  • Heat stability: Dimensionally stable to 121° C, the glass reinforced nylon flywheel.
    flange is designed to operate in diesel engine ambient temperatures without air circulation.
  • Crowned gear teeth: Angular forces on the pump shaft bearings and seals are prevented by the steel hub gear tooth design, which provides for angular misalignment.
  • Free axial travel: This is achieved by allowing the crowned steel hub teeth to slide.
    freely in the nylon flywheel gear teeth. Any shaft float is absorbed by the coupling and not transmitted to the pump.
  • Blind assembly: In most assemblies the steel hub hear passes through the pilot hole
    of the pump mounting plate, allowing for quick assembly without needing hand ports or a view.

Axiom Hydraulics holds critical spare parts to minimise downtime for clients.

Axiom Hydraulics distributes Guardian’s Guardex ™ couplings in Southern Africa

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