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Brevini H2V and SH7V bent axis, axial piston hydraulic motors with variable displacement can be used in open or closed loop circuits, with stocked capacities of 55 to 226 cc3/rev and speeds up to 5 000 rpm. Proven designs such as the lens-shape valve plate together with the exceptional quality of both components and engineering you expect from Brevini provide peak performance over a long service life – even in the toughest working conditions.

The H2V axial piston motors provide continuous working pressures up to 350 bar (peak pressure at 450 bar). The SH7V motors provide continuous working pressure of up to 430 bar, peaking at 480 bar.

These motors have a range of control options, including:

  • Working pressure control – with/without hydraulic limiter or hydraulic limiter
  • Hydraulic proportional control – with/without pressure override
  • Hydraulic 2 positions control – with/without pressure override
  • Electric proportional control – with/without pressure override
  • Electric 2 positions control – with/without pressure override
  • Manual control

These variable axial piston motors accommodate standard ISO and SAE mounting, shaft and port arrangements.

Service, maintenance and spares

Axiom Hydraulics provides full aftersales service of the Brevini motor range. Our state-of-the-art refurbishment facilities provide operators with OEM-specified motor stripping and repair services, which we provide with quick turnaround times. We also stock complete spares kits for each motor series.

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