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Axiom Hydraulic supplies the Brevini SH11C and H1C series pumps. These bent axis, fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic units are designed for operation in open loop circuits. With proven design incorporating the lens-shape valve plates, high-quality components and heavy-duty bearings, these pumps provide excellent efficiency and extended service life even in the toughest conditions.

These fixed axial piston pumps are available with various standard ISO and SAE mounting, shaft and port arrangements.

  • Stocked capacities from 12 to 226 cc3/rev
  • Continuous working press.: 430 bar (peak 480 bar)
  • Speed up to 3 750 rpm
  • Oil operating temp.: -25° – 115° C
  • Complete spares kits supplied


The Brevini fixed axial piston pump series

Axiom Hydraulic supplies both the newer Brevini SH11C pumps as well as the older H1C pumps as required by your application. Speak to Axiom Hydraulics today to find out which pump is best suited to your application.

Fixed axial piston pump spares & services

We supply complete spares kits for Brevini fixed axial piston pumps, should customers wish to do their own pump repair and maintenance. Axiom Hydraulics also has a fully equipped hydraulics service centre, where we can strip and repair these units to OEM specifications.

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