ASA Hydraulik Air Blast Coolers

We supply the full range of ASA Hydraulik AC, DC, hydraulically driven and truck mounted air blast coolers. Used in industrial and mobile applications, these coolers are compact, efficient and carefully designed to combat any unnecessary hydraulic oil heat accumulation.

Axiom Hydraulics is an authorised distributor and the largest stockholder of ASA Hydraulik products in southern Africa. This globally recognised brand compliments Axiom’s ability to supply comprehensive hydraulic systems with cooling capabilities.

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AC Air Blast Coolers

ASA Hydraulik AC air blast coolers provide low-noise hydraulic cooling solutions up to 800 l/min using motors from 1.5 – 9 kW. They are ideal for most industrial applications.

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DC Air Blast Coolers

An OEM favourite! We supply the full range of ASA Hydraulik DC air blast coolers. These coolers provide high cooling capabilities and low energy consumption in a compact design.

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Truck-mounted Air Blast Coolers

The ideal solution for heavy-duty cycle applications! The truck mounted cooler and tank combination delivers efficient cooling, filtration and reservation all in a single compact unit.

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Hydraulically Driven Air Blast Coolers

The ideal choice for electrically sensitive environments, especially flameproof machinery. Hydraulic gear motor driven, with flow rate up to 800 l/min.

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The largest stockholder of ASA Hydraulik products in SA

With our large stock of ASA Hydraulik products, Axiom can respond to your cooler requirements with fast turnaround times and flexible technology solutions.

We support the ASA Hydraulik air blast cooler range with full hydraulic design, engineering, testing and refurbishment capabilities together with complete spares kits for each series.

Why do OEMs choose ASA Hydraulik?

For over 30 years, ASA Hydraulik has supplied world-leading heat transfer and cooling equipment to industries across the world.

ASA Hydraulik’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce an air blast cooler range that is competitively priced, of consistently high quality, and offers exceptional reliability in even the toughest industrial environments.

ASA Hydraulik holds 21 cooling technology patents.

Things to remember when using your air blast coolers

  • If you’re using a thermostat, make sure it’s measuring the temperature of the oil flowing out of the cooler. For circulation cooling systems (kidney loop), don’t insert the thermostat in the cooler, but in the cooler’s reservoir
  • Determining the cooler design is done by measuring the intersection between the characteristic lines of the element and the fan. Changes from this point result in a decrease in efficiency
  • ASA Hydraulik calculates pressure drop curves with 30cSt and checked, meaning that at 40° C, the oil viscosity is 30cSt
  • Altitude plays a big role! The higher the altitude, the thinner and therefore lighter the air, meaning less kg/sec flows through the fan.
  • Bypass valves are needed to avoid over pressure in the system – watch the frequency of pressure shocks.

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