EIPC internal gear high pressure pump

EIPC industrial hydraulics

Eckerle has developed the EIPC industrial pump especially for use in injection moulding machine technology and for speed-regulated stationary hydraulic systems which are operated at constant pressures of up to 250 bar and where the cost factor plays an important role. Not only does it offer an excellent price/performance ratio, but also a long service life, low-noise operation, and ease of combination to create multiple pumps. The Eckerle EIPC industrial pump can withstand high peak pressures of up to 320 bar.

Example applications:

Press technology | Marine engineering | Paper industry | Conveyor and lifting technology | Plastic and rubber injection moulding technology | Energy-efficient speed-controllable servo drives | Power plant technology | Wind power plants | Brake ventilator (for container gantries, cranes, lifts)

EIPC Industrial pumps with aluminium housing:

  • sizes 3-6
  • nominal sizes 20-250 cm3/U
  • permanent operating pressure up to 250 bar
  • peak operating pressure up to 320 bar

All pumps of this series are suitable for operation as a single pump, many models can also be combined as double/multi-flow pumps.

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