• Internal gear pump with axial and
radial gap compensation
• Radial compensation with segments
• Suction and pressure port radial
• Field of application: Industrial hydraulic
• Low noise
• Long time life
• Low pulsation (pressure pulsation ~2 %)
• Multi flow combinations

Variable-speed operation

As a matter of principle, Eckerle internal gear pumps are eminently suited for variable speed operation. Even at low viscosities and high temperatures of the pumping medium, the pumps run extremely energy efficiently
and highly dynamically over a wide speed range due to the radial and axial gap compensation. However, with variable speed operation certain boundary conditions should be observed. The exemplary cycle shown below illustrates this clearly.


The series EIPH were developed particularly for the high requirements of industrial hydraulics. Their favourable noise characteristic, extremely low delivery and pressure pulsation, outstanding efficiency within broad revolution and viscosity ranges, have firmly established gap-compensated high pressure internal gear pumps among high pressure pumps. Simple combinability to multiple pumps with separate or common inlet is given. The EIPH is a consistent advancement that already for over 40 years in the industry used gapcompensated internal gear pump technology, System Eckerle.

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