Dura-Bar vs. Steel

• Cost-saving alternative to many low-medium carbon steels
• Faster machining speeds, improved production
• Minimized deburring
• Longer tool life and better surface finishes
• Improved wear resistance
• Reduced noise, better vibration damping
• Compact, consistent, lead-free chips
• Lighter weight

Dura-Bar vs. Castings

• No typical casting defects – porosity, slag, hard spots, etc.
• Dense, fine-grained microstructure means superior machinability
• No pattern or tooling costs
• Over 500 sizes available, for immediate

Dura-Bar vs. Aluminum

• Superior to aluminum for parts demanding higher pressures, including hydraulic manifolds, seals & valves
• Dura-Bar 65-45-12 ductile pressure rated to 6,500 psi
• Improved machinability for drilling
• Minimized deburring
• Compact and consistent chips


As-Cast or Cold Finished

Squares / Rectangles:

As-Cast or Cold Finished


As-Cast or Cold Finished

Custom Shapes:


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