Brevini Fluid Power

Italian manufacturer Brevini Fluid Power – formerly SAM Hydraulik – is a leading hydraulic transmissions brand. These products are used in a wide range of industries, including mining and mineral processing, marine, construction and earthmoving, agriculture, renewable energy, general industry and material storage and handling.

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributor of Brevini axial piston motors and pumps in southern Africa. Our range includes both fixed and variable displacements for open and closed loop circuits. Rated at 420 bar of continuous working pressures (peak 480 bar), with displacement from 6 – 226 cm3/rev and numerous control capabilities, Brevini products are ideal for heavy-duty applications, while giving designers added flexibility and functionality in building purpose-built hydraulic systems.

View Brevini Fluid Power products:

Fixed Axial Piston Pumps

Bent axis, fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic pumps provide excellent efficiency, extended service life and permit high radial and axial loads.

Variable Axial Piston Pumps

We supply the full range of Brevini variable axial piston pumps for open and closed loop applications. 14 – 226 cc3/rev with speeds up to 3 700 rpm.

Fixed Axial Piston Motors

Brevini bent axis, fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic motors, for open and closed loop circuits from 12 to 226 cc3/rev. Speed up to 3 750 rpm.

Variable Axial Piston Motors

We stock the full range of Brevini variable axial piston motors. 55 to 226 cc3/rev up to 5 000 rpm. Supports a range of control options to suit your application.


Need spares for your Brevini pump or motor? We’ve got you covered! We stock complete spares kits for every Brevini pump and motor series.

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An authorised Brevini distributor

Axiom Hydraulics has been a loyal and proud distributor of Brevini Fluid Power for over 20 years. With one of the largest stockholdings of axial piston pumps and motors in Africa, we can supply ex-stock of competitor direct equivalent units at a fraction of the price.

We offer our experience and expertise to customers wanting to tailor Brevini axial piston pumps and motors to their hydraulic systems for maximum performance efficiency. Speak to us today about a tailored solution for your unique application!


Why do OEMs choose Brevini axial piston pumps and motors

With a strong customer-centred focus, Brevini continuously drives solutions aimed at solving customers’ real-world challenges. Its committed focus on research and development activities allows it to constantly deliver new, innovative products to market that are smart, user-friendly and reliable.

Aftersales service

We retain comprehensive holdings of aftermarket spares for Brevini axial piston pumps and motors. These are complete spares kits, providing all the components needed for customers wishing to carry out their own maintenance.

Axiom Hydraulics has recently invested in new, state-of-the-art production, design and testing facilities, with a new 5 500-m2 workshop that allows us to refurbish and service units to OEM specifications with quick turnaround times. We offer full strip and repair services, and full unit testing according to strict procedures and quality standards.


Quality guaranteed

Brevini represents excellence in the power transmission industry, with customers benefitting from exceptional global quality standards in their equipment. Brevini carries a wide range of quality standards in such applications as oil & gas, marine, offshore, lifting, wind-power and Atex sectors.

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