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ASA Hydraulik Air Blast Coolers | AC Air Blast Coolers

Axiom Hydraulics supplies the ASA Hydraulik range of AC air blast coolers. These low-noise aluminium coolers provide a wavy air fin shape with flow capabilities reaching up to 800 l/min to cater for most industrial applications.

  • Motor power: 1.5 – 9 kW
  • Fan speed: 945 – 1 600 rpm
  • Air flow: 4.07 – 12.8 kg/sec
  • Max working pressure: 16 bar
  • IP 55 protection class

Our designers will calculate and specify a cooler to suit your specific needs. We also offer coolers with or without electrical motors as well as an option for integrated temperature switch.

ASA Hydraulik: a cool solution for your hydraulic system

ASA Hydraulik has over 30 years’ experience in heat transfer equipment and specialised hydraulic components. Its modular designs and patented technologies are allowing operators to execute new possibilities in hydraulic system designs that are delivering higher levels of efficiency, productivity and reliability. Contact Axiom Hydraulics to find out more about this world leading brand!

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